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Safety shoes available in store!

Tired of blowing your cleaning budget on a lot of cleaning chemicals? 

We provide chemicals for a wide range of applications, industrial and domestic.

Dishwashing Liquid 1 Lt, Dishwashing Liquid 5 Lt, Dishwashing Liquid 25Lt
Powerclean 1 Lt, Powerclean 5Lt, Powerclean 25Lt
Bleach 1Lt, Bleach 5lt, Bleach 25Lt
Air Freshner 1Lt, Air Freshner 5Lt
Pine Gel 5Kg, Pine Gel Sanitizer Liquid 25Lt
Supperclean Degreased 1 Lt, Superclean degreased 5 lt. Superclean Decreaser 25lt
Anti-Bac Hand Soap 5Lt
Pool Acid 5 Lt
Tyre & Dash Shine 1 Lt
Tyre and dash Shine 5Lt
Luandry wash 1 Lt, Luandry wash 5 lt, Luandry wash 25 Lt
Winkleen (windows) 5 Lt, Winkcleen (Windows) 25Lt
Descaler 500Ml
Shower Gel 5 Lt
Liquid Floor Polish 5 Lt
Liquid Floor Polish 25Lt
Fabric Softner 2-5Lt

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